Graphic Designer

Chi Tran is a graduate student in graphic design who was born in Saigon, Vietnam. Leaving her father and the rest of her family behind in Vietnam and immigrating to the United States with her mother and younger brother was a difficult period of growth. The experience provided her with the strength and foundational self-confidence to succeed through constant adaption to new environments. This is the main reason why she believes that acquiring the highest quality of education possible at Boston University will better prepare her to become as creative and productive as possible.

Tran completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Communication Design from California State University, Monterey Bay with a major concentration in Visual Design. She is a young woman with a deep passion for branding identity, publications, typography, advertisements, product packaging, interface design and web design. Her decision to pursue graduate study in graphic design is underscored by her desire to be a part of the community at Boston University. Tran sees graduate school as a new growth opportunity where she can finally reach an advanced degree of professional ability and refinement that will follow her for the rest of her life.